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The Certificates of Deposit (CDs) are made available through Anthem Bank & Trust (ABT). Each CD is a deposit obligation of a financial institution (the "Issuer"), the deposits of which are insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) within the limits prescribed by FDIC rules. The CDs are deposit obligations of the Issuer and are not obligations of ABT, the custodian institution or Shay Financial Services, Inc. (SHAY).

FDIC Insurance

Certificates of Deposit held by our custodian institution for your benefit shall be FDIC insured to the same extent as if the CD were purchased by you directly from the issuing financial institution. (see FDIC website)

Your CDs will be covered by federal deposit insurance provided by the Deposit Insurance Fund (DIF), in each case administered by the FDIC and backed by the Full Faith and Credit of the United States Government, to the maximum amount permitted by law from time to time. Since for FDIC insurance purposes, your CDs will be aggregated with your other accounts or deposits, if any, at the Issuer, you should monitor the total amount of such accounts or deposits at the Issuer in order for you to determine the extent of insurance coverage available to you on such accounts or deposits, including CDs. (see FDIC insurance calculator)

The FDIC prepared a fact list, Depositor Bill of Rights which you may find helpful.

Custody of Certificates

Your CDs will be safekept by our custodian institution, ABT. Your funds to purchase the CD, the safekeeping of your CD and the servicing of your CD, including interest payments, will be handled by ABT. ABT titles CDs so that pass-through of FDIC insurance is assured and maintains the ownership records of the individual participants. SHAY will have no access to your CD or funds and its capacity is limited to facilitating your instructions with ABT.

The CDs will not be evidenced by individual physical certificates. Upon payment of your purchase, ABT will send you a Custodial Receipt evidencing your ownership interest and the terms relating to the CD purchased.


SHAY negotiates with depository institutions and other registered broker/dealers and utilizes its purchasing power to acquire CDs at attractive rates. SHAY may retain a sales concession from the Issuer. SHAY makes CDs available to ABT, who in turn provides an inventory of CDs to their CDVantage customers. The rates paid to you may be lower than the rates acquired and this differential represents compensation to ABT. There are no separate fees to you and therefore, the rate quoted will be your net rate. You should compare the terms, rates of return, and required minimums of the offerings through CDVantage with other available investments before deciding to purchase a CD.


CDs are investments intended to be held to maturity. As such, and because your CD is part of a large block at the depository institution, early withdrawals are subject to the following:

  • No partial withdrawals are permitted from a customer CDVantage CD
  • Shay Financial Services, Inc. does not guarantee a secondary market for the CDs
  • Any secondary market transactions are expected to be effected at prices which reflect current interest rates and other general market conditions. Therefore, secondary market transactions may be effected at prices greater or less than the principal amount invested
  • There are no pre-determined fixed early withdrawal penalties, any secondary transactions are effected at current market rates, which may be at prices greater or less than the principal amount invested
  • Due to the foregoing, you should not rely on the possible existence of a secondary market for any benefits, including achieving trading profits, limiting trading or other losses, realizing income prior to maturity or liquidations prior to maturity
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The Certificate of Deposit (CD) rate in the caption above represents our best rate and may not be the highest rate in the market place today. This rate may be a callable CD and therefore may be listed separately in our Callable CD inventory. All CDs offered are insured by the FDIC and are subject to applicable FDIC limits. Furthermore, as a condition of issuance, each institution meets FDIC guidelines governing the issuance of brokered deposits. Rates are to be treated as "Subject" offerings due to availability and market conditions. All rates offered are net of any fees.