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The world economic situation has certainly been cause for alarm and individuals, as well as corporations, are taking precautions.Investors are looking for short term investments that may limit concern. One such investment alternative may be a Certificate of Deposit (CD) that has FDIC insurance coverage. As an independent agency of the United States Government, the FDIC provides deposit insurance coverage on accounts held at depository institutions and in its agency capacity, its insurance coverage is backed by the Full Faith and Credit of the United States Government.

CDVantage brings the national CD market to you with just a single account at our bank, Anthem Bank & Trust (ABT), an OCC regulated financial institution. We take great pride in delivering the most efficient and informative opportunity to purchase and manage a diverse, FDIC insured, CD portfolio. Each CD offered through our program carries the FDIC insurance from that issuing institution. The basic standard maximum deposit insurance amount is $250k per person for each account ownership category under the FDIC's rules (see FDIC website for details). Our monthly statements evidencing the CDs held in your account make it easy to keep track of your investments. If investors hold CDs outside of the account with us, they need only to compare what they already own as to the CDs we offer to make sure that they don't exceed the FDIC insurance limit.

Orders of any size can be accomodated. If you wish to invest more than what is represented on our Inventory List merely contact us with your request. We look forward to satisfying all of your CD investment needs now and well into the future.

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The Certificate of Deposit (CD) rate in the caption above represents our best rate and may not be the highest rate in the market place today. This rate may be a callable CD and therefore may be listed separately in our Callable CD inventory. All CDs offered are insured by the FDIC and are subject to applicable FDIC limits. Furthermore, as a condition of issuance, each institution meets FDIC guidelines governing the issuance of brokered deposits. Rates are to be treated as "Subject" offerings due to availability and market conditions. All rates offered are net of any fees.