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CDVantage is the efficient, secure, and proven way to manage a portfolio of Certificates of Deposit investments.

CDVantage is built for CD investors, providing A.C.C.E.S.S.:

  • ACCESS to a broad spectrum of issuers and terms.
  • CONVENIENCE of a linked FDIC- Insured Money Market Account.
  • CONFIDENCE of an experienced deposit custodian.
  • EFFICIENCY of a single Custody Account and web access.
  • SERVICE of a dedicated team of Anthem bankers.
  • SAFETY of FDIC-Insurance for every issuer name.

ACCESS to a broad spectrum of issuers and terms:

  • The Anthem Bank CDVantage team sources deposit opportunities nationally.
  • Inventory and posted rates, terms, and issuers are made available to investors.
  • Anthem Bank assigns a Relationship Manager to each CDVantage client to assist in the placement of deposits.

CONVENIENCE of a linked FDIC-Insured Money Market Account:

  • Available only to CDVantage, the CDVantage Money Market Account seamlessly links to your CDVantage Custody Account.
  • Interest payments and/or maturity proceeds can be automatically transferred into the CDVantage Money Market Account.
  • Free transfers from CDVantage Money Market Account when purchasing CDs for your CDVantage Custody Account.
  • Highly competitive rates.
  • FDIC-Insured up to $250,000 per issuer name and subject to applicable FDIC limits.

CONFIDENCE of an experienced deposit custodian:

  • As of October 2019, we administer more than $628 million in CDVantageTM deposits for over 167 institutional clients.
  • Anthem Bank & Trust has been in business for over 100 years and has been offering CD Custodial Services since 2003.
  • Anthem Bank & Trust is a Qualified Public Depository (QPD) in the State of Florida and an Approved State Depository and Fiscal Agent in the State of Louisiana.

EFFICIENCY of a single account and web access
Single Source & Single Account:

CDVantage gives investors a single source for placing deposits and the single account to service and manage those deposits.

  • Investors choose Issuer, Term, Rate and Structure from a wide spectrum of alternatives.
  • Investors may purchase via Web Interface or through an Anthem Bank representative.
  • All CDs are held in custody for the benefit of the investor in a single custody account at Anthem Bank.

Website Enabled Reporting:

  • Statements and Confirmations.
  • Maturity schedules and interest payment details.
  • CD Maturity Ladder Reports.
  • Month-end Pricing Reports in CSV format to simplify export to various accounting software.

SERVICE of a dedicated team of Anthem Bankers:

  • Anthem Bank & Trust is the custodian for your Certificates of Deposit.
  • Maintain records, receive payments, remit funds on your behalf.
  • Produce and distribute transaction confirmations, custodial advices, account statements.
  • Dedicated Anthem Bank Relationship Manager supported by an integrated and secure website.
  • CDVantage taps the national market, effectively putting Bank Issuers in competition for your deposit dollars.

SAFETY of FDIC Insurance, subject to FDIC insurance limits:

  • Our CD Inventory List is updated daily and contains offerings from institutions across the nation, made available to you through the efforts of Anthem Bank & Trust.
  • Each CD offered is insured by The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) to the maximum limit allowable by law.
  • As an independent agency of the United States Government, the FDIC provides deposit insurance coverage on accounts held at depository institutions and in its agency capacity; its insurance coverage is backed by the Full Faith and Credit of the United States Government.
  • We take great pride in delivering the most efficient and informative opportunity to purchase and manage a diverse, FDIC-Insured CD portfolio.

Anthem Bank & Trust

The bank has served its local community, Plaquemine, Louisiana since 1915, providing deposit products, consumer loans, residential and commercial mortgages, and business loans. CDVantage is a unique certificate of deposit program offered by Anthem Bank & Trust (ABT) since 2003. The bank offers the program to both its individual and institutional clients..

We understand that as a CD investor, you value safety and service. ABT is dedicated to providing both. Assisted by state of the art technology and a proven system, our experienced team of professionals administers the CD investments for institutional customers across the nation. As a service organization, we aim to deliver the very best and want our customers to know exactly how well we deliver on our mission. ABT engages Crowe Horwath, LLP annually to perform a SSAE 16, SOC 1, Type 2 audit and gladly provide their unbiased opinion upon request.

Like all federally chartered savings banks, ABT is subject to the review and oversight of federal regulators, including the Office of Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC).

At ABT, we take pride in delivering the most efficient and courteous service in the industry. You will find that maintaining a portfolio of CDs at our bank is a hassle-free and pleasant experience. While your account statements provide a detailed description of your holdings and account activity, our staff is available to personally answer any questions that may arise.

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The Certificate of Deposit (CD) rate in the caption above represents our best rate and may not be the highest rate in the market place today. This rate may be a callable CD and therefore may be listed separately in our Callable CD inventory. All CDs offered are insured by the FDIC and are subject to applicable FDIC limits. Furthermore, as a condition of issuance, each institution meets FDIC guidelines governing the issuance of brokered deposits. Rates are to be treated as "Subject" offerings due to availability and market conditions. All rates offered are net of any fees.